Door Sign with In / Out Slider and Whiteboard (WB1402)

Product information

Part no. WB1402
Sign width x height 153 x 185 mm
Sign row #1 150 x 30 mm IN/OUT Slider Sign
Sign row #2 150 x 148 mm Whiteboard
Profiles 30-1; SL-5; L-30
Optional Accessories Whiteboard pen with magnetic eraser

A multi functional door sign with Whiteboard / magnet board and an occupied sign / slider sign built with our super thin and stylish SLIM Sign System. Write a message with our Whiteboard marker which is conveniently attached to the magnetic Whiteboard eraser and/or use magnets with printed messages such as “OUT TO LUNCH”. With our occupied sign / slider sign you can quickly mark if you are in / out or vacant / occupied!