Larger directory signs


Replaceable paper printouts and magnetic sign rows

Above we have use the design of a bulletin board to incorporate the benefits of our two sign systems SLIM and MAGNETIC in the construction of a larger directory sign.

From our sign system MAGNETIC we have chosen to use the smooth surface side of our double-sided profiles to create rearrangeable and replaceable magnetic sign rows with graphic/text applications.

For information that requires more frequent update we have chosen two SLIM A-series size sign. The signs support A4-printouts and protective plastic cover. The system’s replaceable insert function offers super easy and cost-effective update of sign information.

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Replaceable printed inserts and integrated slider sign

To create a larger size directory sign we made use of both the grooved side and smooth surface side of the double-sided profiles. The sign was constructed using our sign system SLIDE-DOWN which enables you to arrange and rearrange sign rows by sliding them down and out of the supporting side-profiles.

For sign header / footer with permanent information as logo and address information, we used the profiles’ smooth surface side, applying graphics and text vinyl applications.

Sign rows were created with the grooved profile side supporting replaceable printed plastic and paper inserts, and as an extra feature, an “Open/Closed” sider sign.

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