Directional Signage

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SIGNET Sign Systems: SLIM, Slide-Down

Description, SLIM

SIGNET Sign System offers great solutions for modern looking directional signage, whether it is a business directory in a commercial building or a list of co-workers at the office. SLIM Directional Signage is especially suited for both the individual office room as well as the shared office space. Here is a selection of super thin SLIM multi-panel signs with 1 header panel and one or more panels for co-worker names. The header panel is smooth and great for direct text/graphics vinyl application and the name panels are grooved for paper inserts. Your paper insert is covered with a clear plastic anti-reflective cover and is replaced very easily with a suction cup. Sign width and number of rows are customizeable.

Description, Slide-Down

Create custom multiple panel directional signage with SIGNET Slide-Down System. Sign panels are slid down into the sign construction’s frame. The system’s double sided panels – with one grooved side for replaceable inserts and one smooth surface side for direct text/graphics vinyl application – are completely re-arrangeable. Slide-Down is a versatile, durable and practical sign system and an optimal choice for sign directories. The sign width and number of panels/rows are always custom!


• Easy to change information
• Flat sign system
• Available for wall mount
• SLIM option: Super thin modern looking signage (only 6,5 mm)
• Slide-down option: The ultimate replace function


Offices, Hospitals, Tenant buildings, Universities, Banks, Ministries, Airports, Restaurants, Schools

Available Sizes/Colours

SIGNET Directional Signage come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, you can browse a selection of available configurations here:

SIGNET Sign System profiles come in silver anodized aluminum. You can paint the profiles in your customer’s company colour scheme to match your customer’s branding