Our history

Founder of SIGNET Sign System



SIGNET Sign System was founded in the early 90’s by the Swedish engineer Lennart Hedlund, and launched on the European market with great success in 1995. Today SIGNET’s high-quality aluminium profiles are developed in Sweden, and distributed to sign manufacturers and retailers worldwide.

SIGNET’s incredibly flexible systems provide cost-effective sign production of both standard and custom signs, for indoor and outdoor signage. Our wide range of profiles; enable creative sign production. And the diverse sign systems feature solutions for replaceable inserts, sign rows and sign panels, to provide easy and accessible update of sign information.

The SIGNET Sign System suite includes seven different designs – with their own unique features – to meet all your requirements of functionality, as well as providing a plethora of design possibilities.

Welcome to SIGNET – your partner in sustainable sign solutions,


Lennart Hedlund